Registering for a Channel Swim
Channel Swimming Association

For a swim to be recognized by the CSA and to be included in their list of successful crossings, the swim must be registered with the CSA BEFORE the crossing is made. The CSA supplies an official Observer to verify the crossing and that it complied with the requirements of the CSA. A swim completed with any other body conducting cross-Channel swims will NOT be recognized by the CSA unless the registration is with the CSA BEFORE the crossing and the swim is observed by an official CSA-assigned Observer.

The CSA has two packages to help the budding aspirant:

The official Handbook of the CSA: Updated and reprinted in 2003, this book is a wealth of information on nutrition, weather, tides, and listings of CSA-approved crossings that include England-France solos, France-England solos, solo multiple-crossings, and the same information for CSA-approved relay crossings. Crossings not verified by a CSA Observer are NOT eligible for listing in the CSA Handbook.

The Information/Registration package for the swim season: This package contains all of the information required to register with the CSA for a CSA-monitored swim.

Information on the costs of these documents, and their ordering by mail or credit card, are detailed on the CSA web site at the following links:

* Handbook - See the CSA News under June 2003.

* Information/Registration Package - See the section on FAQs under "What will it cost?".

If you still have questions, contact the CSA Secretary.


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Created: 9th December 2003
Last Updated: 11th December 2004