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Aspirants: 2014

(Swim Masters and Trainees)
Lake Course & Notes
Lesley Zehr
Seals Swim to Survive
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Marilyn Korzekwa &
Alan Fairweather)
19 Jul 2014 Lake Huron Harbor Beach (Michigan) to Goderich (Ontario), ~75 km
ABANDONED due to head-winds and poor weather conditions after completing 35.8 km in 15:48.
Trinity Arsenault
(RF, M, TL, TR, RAT)
(Marilyn Korzekwa)
28 Jun 2014 Lake Erie
(Trial Swim)
Sturgeon Point, New York (42 41' 30" N, 79 02' 35" W)
to Crystal Beach, Ontario (42 51' 42" N, 79 03' 51"W)
SUCCESSFUL, 12 miles (19.2 km), 7:25:56, Age 14y 34d
3-4 Aug 2014 Lake Ontario NOTL to MBP
SUCCESSFUL, 23:19:57, Age 14y
Colleen Shields
(John Scott)
(Debbie Bang for Trial Swim)
8-9 Aug 2014 Lake Ontario NOTL to MBP
SUCCESSFUL, 21:33:49, Age 62y 325d
Kevin McDonald
11-15 Aug 2014 Lake Ontario NOTL to MBP
Rebekah Boscariol
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Colleen Shields)
22-23 Aug 2014 Lake Ontario NOTL to MBP
ABANDONED due to cold water conditions, 48F (9C) after ~47.5 km of swimming in approximately 14:45. Awaiting Official Report.
Brenda Lussier
Swim for Cystic Fibrosis
RF, M, TL, TR)
(Greg Taylor)
12-15 Sep 2014 Lake Erie Sturgeon Point to Crystal Beach or reverse.

RF, M, TL, TR: Swims are not sanctioned until SATISFACTORY completion of Registration Fee (RF), Medical (M), Training Log (TL), and Trial Swim (TR).

RAT: Swims are not ratified until the Swim Master's report is received and approved by the SSO Board of Directors

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