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Aspirants: 2018

(Swim Masters and Trainees)
Lake Course & Notes
Maya Farrell
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Colleen Shields,
John Munro,
Assistant: Loren King)
7-8 Jul 2018
Lake Ontario Rochester NY to around Trenton (Ontario), ~88 km
RETIRED after 35 km and about 20 hours
Dan Nichols
(RF, M, TR, TL)
(Marilyn Korzekwa)
28 Jul 2018 Georgian Bay Honey Harbour town docks to Gawley Park Beach, Midland and return
31.6 km, 11 Hours 24 Minutes. Record for a New Course.
Awaiting Ratification
Simone Waller
(RF, )
(John Scott)
28-29 Jul 2018
Lake Erie Sturgeon Point (NY) to Crystal Beach (Ontario)
Elizabeth Fry
(RF, M, TL, TR, )
(John Bulsza,
Assistant: Madhu Nagaraja)
10-11 Aug 2018 Lake Huron Port Sanilac (MI) to Port Franks (ON)
55 km. 20 hours 53 minutes 54 seconds
Breaks Men's/Women's Records
First non-wet-suited American to cross Lake Huron.
Awaiting Ratification
Marilyn Korzekwa
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Colleen Shields,
Assistant: Jodi DiLascio)
19 Aug 2018 Lake Superior Whitefish Point (MI) to Pancake Bay (ON)
28.7 km, Approx. 12 hours
Awaiting precise details from the Swim Master.
Awaiting Ratification.
Victor Lal
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Shaun Chisholm)
(Assistant: Michael Pollanen)
1-2 Sep 2018 Lake Ontario NOTL to Humber Bay Park West (43.614417N, 43.478583W)
51.7 km
21 hours 5 minutes
Awaiting Ratification.
Tom Bartlett
(RF, M, TR)
(John Scott)
4 Sep 2018 Lake Ontario NOTL to Leslie Street Spit
RETIRED after 41 km and about 20.5 hours
RELAY: The Machine Men (NYS)
- Chris Krause
- Rick Gaenzle
- Brian Ross
(RF, M, TR)
(Colleen Shields)
6 Sep 2018 Lake Ontario NOTL to MBP
19 hours 0 minutes 42 seconds
Awaiting Ratification
Brenda Lussier
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Colleen Shields
Madhu Nagaraja)
14-15 Sep 2018 Lake Ontario NOTL to MBP
RETIRED after 17.6 km and about 8.5 hours
William Kemp
(RF, M, TL, TR)
(Colleen Shields)
TBD Lake Ontario NOTL to Leslie Street Spit
Richie Eslawa
(RF, M, TL TR)
(John Bulsza)
TBD Lake Erie Sturgeon Point (NY) to Crystal Beach (Ontario)

RF, M, TL, TR: Swims are not sanctioned until SATISFACTORY completion of Registration Fee (RF), Medical (M), Training Log (TL), and Trial Swim (TR).
RAT: Swims are not ratified until the Swim Master's report has been reviewed and approved by the SSO Board of Directors

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