Channel Swimmers

Carina Bruwer

Swimmer Carina Bruwer
Age 25
Country South Africa
Date of Swim 1st August 2005
Start Time 08:30
Swim Time 12 hours 03 minutes
Starting Point Shakespeare Beach, Dover, England
Finish Wissant, France
Monitoring Body Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation
Official Observer Dace Benny
Pilot (Boat) Dave Whyte (Ocean Breeze)
Club Cape Long Distance Swimming Association
Manager Francois Brink
Crew Peter Bales

In the Channel photos (top left) Carina is seen with Peter Bales, President of the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association. Peter was the first male South African to conquered the Channel with his 1969 crossing, England-France in 13:38. The first Channel crossing by a South African was by Margaret Duncan in 1930, England-France in 16:17.

Carina is a multi-talented individual, as both a swimmer and musician. At the timer of her Channel crossing, Carina was the manager of her own music agency, as well as working as a professional concert flautist.

Carina's crossing made her the 23rd South African to cross the Channel. An established marathon swimmer, Carina also was the first female and fourth overall to complete the 25 km race across the Toreneos Gulf in Greece in July 2005.

As of 2005, Carina held the record for the Straits of Gibraltar female crossing, as well as the overall record for the fastest swim around Robben Island, and she is also the only swimmer to have rounded the most points in Africa. In 2004, she became the first South African to round Cape Point, and break the record for this swim. She is also the only swimmer to have rounded Danger Point near Gansbaai (the "White Shark Capital of the World").

More information can be found on her personal web site at

Carina is also active in promoting swimming in the area of Cape Town, South Africa. Visit their comprehensive web site at

Created: 18th August 2005
Last Updated: 19th October 2005