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The Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS&PF) and the Channel Swimming Association (CSA) are currently the only bodies providing safe coverage and official monitoring of traditional (Regulation swim suit with no aids) across the English Channel. Each has its own comprehensive web-site with links as provided here.

Registration fees and pilot fees may vary between the CSA and CS&PF and between the individual pilots - so do your research first - caveat emptor.

Traditional Swims
CSA and CS&PF were established in 1927 and 1999 respectively. Both groups operate as distinctly separate organizations, while seeking to provide safe guidance of swimmers across the Channel and to provide independent observation of the swims in terms of established rules for these swims. The primary difference between the two groups is that the CSA only records swims that have been monitored by one of their official Observers. On the other hand, the CS&PF attempts to maintain a compilation of all of the successful swims that have been officially observed by either the CSA or the CS&PF. So, if you swim with CS&PF do not expect your name to appear in the listings of the CSA.

The absence of an official CSA Observer in the boats of certain swimmers who competed in the Channel races of the 1950s is the reason for their crossings not appearing in the CSA listings, as reported in the period prior to the establishment of the CSA in 1927. False claims for Channel crossings are a fact-of-life when people can benefit socially and financially from such claims.

Swimmers should realize that registration with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) of the United Kingdom, or with the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) is unnecessary for Solo Swims, and does not, therefore, reflect any kind of status in the recognition of cross-Channel swims.

Non-Standard Crossings
Non-standard crossings (Swims using aids, rowing events, etc.) may be supported by pilots of the CS&PF and CSA; however, neither group maintains listings of those crossings. For further advice on possible support of those activities, contact the individual pilots.

Swim Listings

CS&PF Master Database
Julian Critchlow has constructed a CS&PF Master Database that can be accessed on the CS&PF web-site. The database incorporates the swims ratified by both the CSA and CS&PF, along with details of the Daily Mail and Butlin races of the 1950s.

CSA Listing
The complete official listings of CSA-registered swims is accessible from their web-site. The CSA listings also include details of crossings by relay teams monitored by the CSA, as well as their various CSA records and awards. The CSA listing does not include swims conducted under the auspices of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation, CS&PF.

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