A Bajan King

A Tribute to Chris Gibbs

Now Captain Webb he set a goal
When he crossed the Channel in the wind and cold.
Though a hundred years have come and gone
That Channel challenge still lingers on.

In the English Channel where the ships roll by,
And the chalk-white cliffs reach to the sky,
There's a Bajan boy who dreams at night
That the winds and tides are gonna treat him right.

He trains in the harbour where the water is cold,
And the rhythm of the waves reach to his soul.
And he dreams of the sun in his island land
With its crystal surf and the palm trees stand.

In the early morning his boat sets forth
From the chill of the land on his lonely course.
For it's twenty miles to the far French shore
But with the surge of tide he'll swim far more.

He rolls with the waves on every crest
And he dreams of his land with each brief rest.
Now that far-off beach is here in sight
And he's wading ashore in the evening light.

With the conquest over, mid the tears of joy,
They join in praise for their Bajan boy.
In his mind he hears the church bells ring,
As the Merrymen sing of their Bajan King.

And the Merrymen sing of their Bajan King !

17th February 2004