Solo Swims of Ontario Inc.

Registering for an SSO Swim

SSO is a Safety Organization and, as such, the following details reflect SSO's concerns with controlling safety.

SSO Regulations & Information Package (SSORI)

The SSO application forms for a proposed solo-swim or relay on the Great Lakes are part of the information package "SSO Regulations and Information". Apart from the application forms and medical forms, the package contains extensive information on planning a swim, currents in Lake Ontario, training, codes of behaviour in the boats, nutrition, and many other aspects. This package is only available online.

Costs for a Swim

As a guide to potential aspirants, the following fees (Canadian dollars) and requirements are necessary for an SSO-monitored swim:
$750 - $1,250 Swim Registration fee depending upon the swim - refer to the SSORI.
$100 Optional Recording Fee for a Trial Swim on a recognized course - e.g. a 10-12-mile Lake Erie trial swim to qualify for a Lake Ontario swim.

The swimmer must have a minimum of two 15-foot-long inflatable boats, which are to be obtained at the swimmer's expense.

The swimmer must also have a minimum 30-foot sail boat AND a minimum 30-foot power boat, both with GPS navigational equipment. The swimmer is responsible for arranging for these boats and any necessary fees. The assigned Swim Master may provide details on the acceptability of the boats (Inflatables, sail boat, and power boat).

The swimmer is also required to complete an open-water, SSO-monitored, Trial Swim of 16 km (10 miles) or 6 hours, whichever is the shorter. The course of the Trial Swim should be well-detailed, and ideally documented with GPS data. The assigned Swim Master attends this swim and monitors aspects such as the swimmer's ability to swim, feed properly and maintain a good pace in the final stages of the Trial Swim. The Trial Swim is about one-third of a typical Lake Ontario swim and, depending upon the weather and water temperature, the swimmer should appear quite fresh at the end of the Trial swim. Based on the observations recorded during the Trial Swim, the Swim Master will judge the suitability of the swimmer to make an attempt.

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Created: 9th December 2003
Last Updated: 23rd April 2018