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Lake Ontario
Cross-Lake Distances

The following cross-lake distances for Lake Ontario are computed from the Landmarks presented in a separate file. They should, however, be checked by the user before relying on their accuracy. The distances are expressed as:

km Kilometres
mi Statute Miles
NM Nautical Miles
NOTL 52.7 km
32.8 mi
28.5 NM
51.7 km
32.1 mi
27.9 NM
50.5 km
31.4 mi
27.3 NM
47.8 km
29.7 mi
25.8 NM
45.3 km
28.2 mi
24.5 NM
53.4 km
33.2 mi
28.8 NM
PD 47.7 km
29.6 mi
25.7 NM
49.9 km
31.0 mi
26.9 NM
48.8 km
30.3 mi
26.4 NM
48.1 km
29.8 mi
25.9 NM
45.6 km
28.3 mi
24.6 NM
41.3 km
25.7 mi
22.3 NM

BVC The Boulevard Club (Beach to the east of the club)
CBP Clark Beach Park (Foot of Cherry Street)
MBP Marilyn Bell Park, Lakeshore Boulevard
MCP Marie Curtis Park (Beach to the east of the mouth of Etobicoke Creek)
NOTL Niagara-on-the-Lake
OAK Coronation Park, Oakville
PD Port Dalhousie (Beach west of the harbour entrance)
VKP Vicki Keith Point, Leslie Street Spit

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Created: 7th October 1999
Last Updated: 28th August 2015