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Gerry Forsberg - A Pioneering Leader who was born in Canada and went on to be honoured by Britain and the USA as one of the most outstanding swimmers and promoters of marathon and long-distance swimming in the 20th century.
1938 Qualified as Master Mariner and transferred to the Royal Navy.
1940-1945 Wartime Atlantic convoys, Norwegian campaign, Malta convoys, Greece and Crete campaigns, Battle of Cape Matapan, siege of Tobruck, Indian Ocean with Eastern Fleet and post-war mine clearance operations.
1943-1949 Destroyer captain HMS Vega, HMS Hotspur, and HMS Chaplet. Received accelerated promotion in 1943 for 'meritorious war service', and mentioned in despatches 1945.
1955 Awarded OBE for salvage of a British Airways (BOAC) Comet air liner which crashed in 100 fathoms off the island of Elba.
1958-1972 Deputy Director of Marine Services (Naval) at the Ministry of Defence
1968 Became a Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and a Freeman of the City of London.
1977 Advanced from Member to Fellow of the Nautical Institute for promoting the interests of the Royal and Merchant Navies in print.

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