Channel Swimmers

Jacqui Hampson

In 1982 - Youngest person to have crossed The Channel
13 years 42 days

Swimmer Jacqui Hampson
Age 13 years 42 days
Home Weymouth
Country England
Date of Swim 1982
Start Time
Swim Time 15 hours 32 minutes
Starting Point England
Finish France
Monitoring Body Channel Swimming Association
Official Observer
Pilot (Boat)
Club Weymouth Swimming Club
Trainer Tom Watch

Jacqui became the youngest girl to cross the Channel in 1982 and was awarded The Graeme Thompson Memorial Trophy for the Youngest Successful Swimmer.
In 1982, Jacqui became one of five swimmers from Weymouth who had successfully swam across The Channel. Shown in the photograph with the other four who were equally famous in their own right.

Left-to-Right: Mervin Sharp (Then King of the Channel with 7 crossings); Philip Gollop who was the youngest to cross the Channel with his 13:45 crossing in 1965; Jacqui Hampson; Greg Schofield; Godfrey Chapman whose 13:02 made him the first Englishman to complete the Daily Mail race of 1951.

Interestingly, apart from being from Weymouth, all five swimmers had attended the same school.

Material provided by Greg Schofield and CSA Secretary Audrey Scott's report in the 1982 Annual Report of the BLDSA.

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