Solo Swims of Ontario Inc.

Overview of SSO

THE ORGANIZATION: As a result of a fatal accident during an attempt to swim Lake Ontario, Solo Swims of Ontario (SSO) was formed in 1975 as a non-profit, government-sponsored volunteer body. SSO became incorporated in 1990, and was registered as a Charity on 1st December 2004.

MANDATE: The purpose of SSO is to ensure that all open-water, solo, long-distance swims in Ontario adhere to strict safety guidelines, with particular attention to cross-lake swims in the Great Lakes - including Georgian Bay, and Lakes Ontario, Erie, and Huron.

THE CHALLENGE: For every marathon swimmer, the challenge is to "beat the lake", to complete the swim, to "go all the way" and, to meet this challenge, a marathon swimmer must have good planning, determination, dedication, strength, endurance, and good luck. The swimmer must be mentally and physically prepared, well trained, and committed.

SANCTION: Anyone considering the challenge of a long distance solo swim in Ontario must have the swim sanctioned by Solo Swims of Ontario Inc.

SSO ASSISTANCE: To meet the challenge, SSO provides the following assistance:

RECOGNITION: All successful swims are registered in the SSO Record Book, and a certificate is awarded to the successful swimmer.

INFORMATION: Further information can be obtained from The Secretary of SSO.

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Created: 15th December 1998
Last Updated: 14th January 2011