Marilyn Bell Park - Plaque

A 16"x12" (41 cm x 31 cm) (HxW) brass plaque commemorates Marilyn's swim. It is located west of Ontario Place, adjacent to the lake, on Aquatic Drive (Off Lakeshore Boulevard, Toronto) at approximately:
43 37' 51" N, 79 26' 01" W.

The actual wording is reproduced in the box below:


On September 9, 1954, Marilyn Bell, a 16-year old
Toronto school girl, under the direction of her
coach, Gus Ryder, became the first person in
History to swim across Lake Ontario.

Entering the cold, treacherous waters off
Youngstown, New York shortly after 11:00 p.m.
On September 8, Marilyn swam for almost 21
hours before finally touching the breakwall just
west of this park to complete her 32-mile (51.5
km.) ordeal. Her achievement on that September
day in 1954 remains as one of Toronto's most
memorable and spectacular events.

"Marilyn Bell Park" was officially opened by
Marilyn Bell Di Lascio on August 16, 1984,
during Toronto's sesquicentennial year.

Paul V. Godfrey, B.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Chairman, Metropolitan Toronto

Robert G. Bundy, B.Com.
Commissioner of Parks and Property

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Created: 8th April 2000
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