Vicki Keith - Plaques and Poem

Three plaques commemorate Vicki Keith's epic, 46 hour 55 minute, crossing of Lake Huron.

A fourth plaque at Vicki Keith Point (Leslie Street Spit on Lake Ontario) commemorates Vicki's swimming achievements and efforts to support the activities of disabled children.

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One plaque is located in Harbor Beach, Michigan. It stands at the foot of Trescott Street Pier on the beach where Vicki started her swim.
The second plaque is located in Goderich, Ontario. It is found adjacent to the boardwalk at the beach where Vicki landed at the end of her swim.
A further plaque is located in Goderich. This plaque carries a poem dedicated to Vicki's Lake Huron crossing and the crossing of the other four Great Lakes that she completed in the same year, 1988.
A plaque at Vicki Keith Point, Toronto.

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Created: 8th April 2000
Last Updated: 21st March 2003