Vicki Keith
Goderich Beach Plaque

The plaque is located in Goderich, Ontario. It sits adjacent to the boardwalk that overlooks the beach where Vicki finished her Lake Huron swim. The beach is just to the south of the harbour. The brass plaque is 24" (61 cm) wide by 18" (46 cm) high. The main heading is 7/8" high, with the sub-heading and main text in 0.5" letters. The main text is left justified with upper and lower case lettering.



At 7 a.m., Sunday, July 17, 1988, 27 year old Vicki Keith
departed from Harbor Beach on an epic swim across
Lake Huron. Vicki swam on bravely through July 17,
July 18 and onward into the early hours of Tuesday, July
19th. She arrived on the sand beach adjacent to the harbour
at the Port of Goderich to a cheering crowd of 400 at 5:55
a.m. Vicki completed the swim by using her trademark
butterfly stroke for the last few hundred yards. After being
off course to the south, for a time, Vicki swam a total of
48 miles over a period of 46 hours and 55 minutes. The
swim was part of a fundraising effort which raised
$548,000 by Vicki for the Variety Club.

The citizens of the Town of Goderich dedicate this plaque
to "A Great Canadian" Vicki Keith in commemoration of the
first swim across Lake Huron.

Nov. 29, 1989

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