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James Salter

James Salter has been involved in marathon swimming since the mid 1980s. His first experience was being part of the crew for the successful swim across Lake Ontario by Marilyn Korzekwa in 1984. He is seen on the right in the photograph, with Bob Weir and Bryan Finlay at the end of Bryan's 21-hour Lake Simcoe swim in July 1999.

James was nominated to the Board of Solo Swims of Ontario in 1986, and has served in various capacities ever since. He has held various Board positions, including President for four years, and Vice-President for five years.

He has participated on a total of fourteen swims across lakes Ontario, Erie, and Simcoe, including six as Swim Master. The Swim Master is the representative of Solo Swims of Ontario, the provincially-mandated marathon swimming safety organization, and is responsible for monitoring and conducting a marathon swim attempt in a safe manner.

James has performed many valuable services to Solo Swims during his tenure with the organization. He was instrumental in devising the Association's constitution and incorporation. He developed new logos for stationery, letterhead, and information brochures. He devised and promoted new safety standards for inclusion on swims, and he expanded our safety procedures and first-aid equipment.

James has provided considerable leadership to Solo Swims of Ontario, both at the Board level and on marathon swim attempts. He has held the Bronze Medallion, the Bronze Cross, and C.P.R. certificates of achievement.

He was recognized by the Ontario Provincial Government in 1997 with the Volunteer of the Year Award in Sports for the considerable services he has provided to marathon swimming, and received the Cliff Lumsdon Award of SSO in 2002.

James currently practises as a registered Massage Therapist in Toronto.

Write-up provided by Bob Weir.

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Created: 1st April 2003
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