Successful SSO-Monitored
Relay Swims

Chronological Listing

The factors governing SSO-monitored Relay Swims are described in the SSORI:
* A STANDARD relay swim involves 6 swimmers who swim for one-hour each and continue with that same order until the swim is completed.
* NON-STANDARD relays may involve a different number of swimmers, order of rotation, or the time swum by each member.

Date Team Lake Course Team Members Time


18-19 Aug 1976 The Roach Family Ontario NOTL
Ontario Place
Ted 50
Thelma 48
Michele Swora 29
Ted 25
Jo-Anne Jenkins 23
Debbie 18
22:43:00 N/A Timing
6-7 Sep 2018 The Machine Men Ontario NOTL
Marilyn Bell Park
Chris Krause
Rick Gaenzle
Brian Ross
19:00:42 N/A Number

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Created: 16th February 2019
Last Updated: 14th August 2019