English Channel
Swimmers' Accommodation in Dover-Folkestone

The Channel Swimming Association provides details of a variety of forms of accommodation at places that are used to dealing with Channel aspirants. These details are updated each year and are available in the registration package that can be obtained from the CSA.

From personal experience, there is one spot that suits the swimmer who wishes to cater for themselves and prefers to be located away from the city. This location is Varne Ridge Holiday Park. With a number of spacious mobile homes and a cottage that may be rented by the week, the park is located between Dover and Folkestone. There are glorious views from the cliffs to Folkestone and Dungeness and, when the weather is clear, the coast of France (from Calais to Boulogne) can be seen. These views of France are especially entrancing on a clear night when the lights of Cap Gris Nez lighthouse and the various towns and cities can be seen on the French and English shoreline.

The owners, Evelyn and David Frantzeskou, take a particularly active interest in the well-being of the swimmers who stay with them. Their knowledge is also practical - having been on a Pilot boat accompanying a Channel swim. Through the various swimmers who have stayed with them, they have gathered an array of memorabilia and materials to aid other swimmers in their planning. Check out the web site of Varne Ridge Holiday Park.

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Created: 2nd September 2002
Last Updated: 28th September 2017