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Christof Wandratsch

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Swimmer Christof Wandratsch
Age 38
Country Germany
Date of Swim 2nd August 2005
Start Time 11:10 am
Swim Time 7 hours 03 minutes 52 seconds
Starting Point Shakespeare Beach, England
Finish Cap Gris Nez, France
Monitoring Body Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation
Official Observer Kevin Murphy, Peter Hanson
Pilot (Boat) Michael Oram (Gallivant)
Club ???
Coach ???
Crew Michael Oram, Kevin Murphy

In 2003, Christof came within 3 minutes of breaking Chad Hunderby's 1994 England-France record of 7:17. Both swimmers had Reg Brickell Junior as the pilot for their swims which took a similar course.

Apart from the year of his 2003 Channel swim, Christof ranked in the top-10 swimmers on the FINA World Cup circuit from 1999-2004. In 2002, he ranked number 2. On the FINA 25 km races, the winners of the mens events generally post winning times of 5-to-5.25 hours - translating to open-water 1,500 metre splits of just over 19 minutes!

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With the experience from his 2003 Channel success, Christof planned to return to break the record. The weather in 2004, however, did not coincide with his planned swim, so his efforts were refocused to 2005. His time of 7:03:52 was quite amazing, and is as much a tribute to his pilot, Michael Oram, as it is to his own dedication to training for this event, which he completed without the aid of a pacer maker.

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