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Navigational Points for Lake Simcoe Swims

The following waypoints are accurate within 30-50 m, now the Selective Adjustment (previously imposed by the USA government on their satellites) has been removed. They should, however, be checked by the user before relying on their accuracy. The points are defined in Degrees : Minutes : Seconds. One second of angular displacement in a north-south direction is equivalent to approximately 30 m on the surface of the earth. In an east-west direction, this 30 m measure is only true at the equator and decreases as you progress to northern or southern latitudes.

           Location                  Waypoint

             Barrie - Centennial Beach      44 22' 56" N
                                            79 41' 22" W

             Hawkestone Yacht Club          44 29' 37" N
             Harbour entrance               79 27' 36" W

             Orillia - Shannon Bay          44 35' 25" N
             Beach at Kitchener Park        79 24' 21" W

             Orillia                        44 36' 14" N
             Bridge over the Narrows        79 22' 11" W

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Created: 2nd April 2000
27th March 2003