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Elizabeth Fry

- A True SOLO Swim -

On 11th September 2017, at age 58 years 315 days Elizabeth Fry from Connecticut USA, registered the fastest American Female time for the traditional crossing to Marilyn Bell Park. She completed the swim from south to north (Niagara-on-the-Lake to Marilyn Bell Park) in a time of 15 hours 46 minutes 16 seconds. The start of the swim was at 12:31 am. This was the latest swim-date recorded so far for this course on Lake Ontario.

The swim is of particular note since Elizabeth rejected any requests for others to swim with her (Pacing) during her swim. Pacers (Support swimmers) were traditional reserved for emergency situations where immediate contact may be required with a highly-fatigued swimmer; however, in recent years they have been allowed for "limited" periods to help a swimmer maintain their rate of progress.

Swim Master: Colleen Shields.
Coach: Peggy Gaskill.
Pilot: Christine Arsenault

Prior to her Lake Ontario crossing, Elizabeth had completed a number of impressive swims around the world, including the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

After touching the wall to finish, the photo shows Elizabeth exiting the water by climbing a ladder (Without problem) at Marilyn Bell Park.

Water temperature was fairly consistent throughout the swim, between 64-66-deg.F, and the winds, as forecast, remained calm throughout the swim.

She had a perfect course (See plot below) and maintained such a great pace that she was well on time to break the Female speed record; however, probably due to the current from the Humber River, she was slowed in the final approach to Marilyn Bell Park.

The Track RS programme creates a "smoothed" Speed plot; however, the smoothing simplifies a lot of the information related to the initial push of the Niagara River and the Feeding Intervals (which can readily observed with the regularity of the dips in the plot of speed

Elizabeth's core-temperature was measured at various stages throughout the swim via a radio-frequency CoreTemp pill located in her intestines. The recorded data show that her CoreTemp just before entering the water was 37.32-deg.C.

With 6 readings taken during the swim, her core temperature did not drop below 36.54-deg.C (At the 12-hour mark), finished at 36.56-deg.C and only showed a minor "after drop" to 36.25-deg.C 10-minutes after exiting the water.

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Created: 19th October 2017
Last Updated: 23rd October 2017