Cliff Lumsdon Award of SSO

The Cliff Lumsdon Award of Solo Swims of Ontario was instituted in 1993 in memory of Cliff Lumsdon who was one of Canada's most outstanding marathon swimmers and contributed so much to the success of the swims of others.

The award ceremony is managed by Swim Ontario and submissions need to meet their deadlines. The Deadline for submission of nominations to SSO is June 15 and is for swims and/or activities that were accomplished by the end of the PREVIOUS CALENDAR YEAR.

The funds to establish the plaque and support it for its first 17 years were donated in 1992 by Jack Ramsden - a founder of SSO and a Swim Master, Jack was a friend of Cliff and was closely involved with many of Cliff's swims.

This award is made in recognition of an outstanding achievement(s) in association with Solo Swims of Ontario Inc.


Factors Considered for The Award


Recipients Of The Award

Year Individual(s)
1993 Cliff Lumsdon, Marilyn Bell, Gus Ryder
1994 Carlos Costa
1995 John Scott
1996 Bob Weir
1997 Colleen Shields
1998 Joan Lumsdon, Jack Ramsden, Ted Roach
1999 Cindy Nicholas
2000 Vicki Keith
2001 No Recipient
2002 James Salter
2003 Marilyn Korzekwa
2004 Bryan Finlay
2005 Kim Middleton
2006 No Recipient
2007 No Recipient
2008 John Potocska
2009 Brian Keith & Neville Lewis
2010 Paula Stephanson
2011 Greg Taylor

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