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Greg Taylor

SSO Board Member, President and Cliff Lumsdon Awardee 2011

* Greg Taylor was a CASA Level 5 official who made significant contributions to the operation of SSO (See below) for which he received the Cliff Lumsdon award in 2011.

* Greg (Centre) is seen here with the Honorable Mr David Eke, Lord Mayor of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), and John Scott at the dedication of a new and expanded Plaque in 2011 at NOTL.

The Citation for Greg's Lumsdon Award

* Greg Taylor has devoted much of his volunteer life to swimming.
* From the time his children began in age-group swimming in 1993, he became a swim official and volunteered with the Brantford Aquatic Club in various capacities, including serving as a Board member.
* He continued officiating swim meets for over 15 years.
* He was active in the Nationals for the Special Olympics held in London, Ontario.
* Greg is also the proud father of marathon swimmer, Gregg Taylor, who successfully crossed Lake Ontario in 2003.
* Greg learned all about Solo Swimsthe hard way, organizing his son's swim.
* Greg now gives workshops on how to organize a marathon swim.

* In 2003, after his son's swim, Greg joined the Board of Solo Swims of Ontario.
* He has served as President since February 2005.
* His accomplishments as President include persistently upholding Solo Swims' high safety standards in the face of constant challenges, bringing financial stability to the organization, securing reasonably priced sports insurance, reinstating Swim Master workshops, offering swimmer's workshops, and providing the impetus behind the Niagara-on-the-Lake Plaque-Renewal.
* Greg was more directly involved in swimming when he and his wife Christine (who was the Swim Master) successfully shephered Stephanie Hermans across Lake Ontario in 2007.

SSO Activities:

* 2004-2015: Member of the SSO Board of Directors.
* 2005-2015: President of SSO.
* Registered SSO Swim Master along with his wife Christine.
* 2011: Received the SSO Cliff Lumsdom award for his extensive services to SSO.
* 2011: Greg, John Scott and Colleen Shields had worked together and with the local Niagara-on-the-Lake council and Riverside Brass to create an impressive new and expanded plaque at NOTL to celebrate all of the Lake Ontario crossings from-or-to Toronto.

* A Special point of pride for Greg came on 14th August 2003, when his son Gregg, at age 19y 218d, became the youngest male swimmer to cross Lake Ontario in a time of 19:23.
* His son's swim and its interactions with SSO led to Greg's subsequent 11 years of dedicated service with SSO.

Below Greg is seen at the 2011 SSO Awards ceremonies in NOTL.
* In the left image Greg is seen with his SSO Vice President John Potocska.
* In the right image, Greg makes an award to Terry Bolton for his special Volunteer services to SSO "by generously providing his considerable boating experience, nautical skills and sage guidance".

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